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My bank is charging me automated teller machine (ATM) fees. Is this legal?

Yes. Federal law allows banks to charge fees, including service fees. The bank is required to disclose to you any fees associated with an account before you open the account.

Another federal law requires ATM operators to provide notice to consumers that a fee will be charged. The notice must be given before the consumer is committed to paying the fee, and the notice must either appear on the screen be provided on paper.

Review your account agreement and the bank's current fee schedule for policies specific to your bank and your account.

Generally, all fees are determined on a competitive basis within the market. Banks are advised to make the decision on the type, amount, and method of calculation based on sound banking judgment and safe and sound banking principles.

If you feel that your bank's ATM fees are too high, you can shop around and ask other banks about their fee schedules.

Refer to 12 CFR 7 "Bank Activities and Operations" and 12 CFR 1005 "Electronic Fund Transfers (Regulation E)".

Last Reviewed: April 2021

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